We real estate agents go above and beyond for our clients. They trust our advice because we have in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhoods we serve. There are also times when clients need expertise outside of our communities—but if we don’t know the right agents, we can’t provide referrals.


The Solution is Simple.

By creating strong professional networks built on trust, we can better meet the needs of our clients while growing our incoming and outgoing referral opportunities. My goal is to connect with dedicated agents to build a referral network that stretches across North America and beyond.

There’s no better time for us to start growing our networks.

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Building Our Networks

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of meeting top-notch agents from cities around the world. We’ve learned a lot about our respective markets—and become better agents in the process. Do you want to join my network?

Why Refer Me?

Toronto is a vibrant, rapidly-growing city, so you’re bound to meet clients who need real estate expertise here. When you do, you can refer them to me and my team with confidence—we’re Toronto market experts who take the client experience seriously!

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Help Me Refer You

My aim is to have a timely and trustworthy referral for every client who needs one. When I look for referrals, my growing agent network is my number one resource. I’d like you to join my network and become one of the agents I trust. Start by telling me about you or your team!

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