Are you looking to get yourself something really nice for Christmas? Sure, most will be looking for a new TV, or maybe even a new vehicle, but those that are really lucky may be looking for a new home.

While Christmas is a fun time of year, buying a home is a very serious decision, so to make sure that you have a great holiday, we have put together some tips to help you find your dream home this holiday.
Here are the 12 home buying tips of Christmas:

1. The home should fit your lifestyle needs

Are you looking to be near a great school for your kids, or do you prefer to be right downtown? Do you need a kitchen for entertaining with gourmet meals, or are you looking for a great home theatre experience? These are just some of the considerations that you will need to make.

2. Look at different research tools

You can begin your search with online tools to get an idea as to what is out there.

3. Research the neighbourhood

Take time to learn a bit more about where you will be living – a bit of research could save you a lot of future headache and cost.

4. Find out what you can afford by getting a mortgage pre-approval

Once you have your list of prospective homes, take some time to meet with a mortgage professional and make sure you can afford the home you want.

5. Find the right mortgage

This is where a mortgage professional really shines – there are many types of mortgages, each with different pros and cons out there, so make sure that you find the right one.

6. Find the right realtor

This is the single most important step. Give Olena a call!

7. Consider the resale potential

One day you may want to move on, so make sure that your new home is a smart investment. Look for a home in areas where properties turn over quickly.

8. Investigate what is being built in the area

Your local planning office could have some insights as to new amenities – but you may also want to consider the traffic that a new mall could bring.

9. Get a good real estate lawyer

A good lawyer will help you avoid last minute surprises, or costly mistakes down the road. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

10. Take a good look at the home

Before submitting an offer, you should have a good luck at the home. Make sure that it feels right, have a thorough look around, and be sure to ask questions.

11. Submit the right offer

Make sure that your offer is fair to both parties. Don’t let a deal go south because of a minor price difference, and get a close date that makes sense for you. Also, set the right conditions – such as financing and passing a home inspection – to make sure that you made the right choice.

12. Stay on top of things

Some real estate transactions can have last minute hiccups – be sure to stay in touch with everyone so that your close goes smoothly.

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