Christmas is a special time of year, but some may choose to make it even more so, by deciding to move.

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, but if you follow these tips you can have a smooth and easy sale.
Here are the 12 home selling tips of Christmas:

1. Do your research

When selling your home you should have realistic expectations as to what it will sell for. Start by looking for similar listings and historical data online.

2. Do your spring (winter) cleaning

When you are in a home, it is very easy to fill it with stuff that you don’t need. Once you are certain that you are going to move, start clearing out the clutter. This will make your move lighter and helps your home to show better.

3. Find the right realtor

Services like ComFree might be tempting, but realtors have access to a large network of buyers that trust them, and are always a great resource for helping you to find your next home. Give Olena a call!

4. Always be ready to show

If you really want to sell your home, be ready to show it on short notice.

5. Keep your home tidy

This is closely related to the point above; keep your home tidy because you never know when you might need to show your home to a prospective buyer.

6. Storage sells

Many buyers look for closet space, so go through and try and get them at least half-empty. This will make the home look more impressive.

7. Lighting is key

Nice, bright lighting will make your home look great, and make it an easy sale.

8. Conceal the pets

Sure, you may love your cat or dog, but your buyer may not share your sentiment. Keep all pet areas tidy and concealed as much as possible.

9. The kitchen comes first

Kitchens have become so important, that they are the show piece of your home. Make sure it looks great.

10. Don’t over upgrade

Your immediate reaction may be to carry out the upgrades that you have been postponing, but don’t overdo it. You may not be able to recoup the cost of these upgrades, so check with your realtor before doing any additional work.

11. Get rid of dated decorations

Have some out of date curtains or other decorations? Store them away during showings – buyers will likely want something stylish and modern.

12. Your first impression is the only impression

When your buyer pulls up to the home, you want them to see the best that it can offer. This means maximum curb appeal such as landscaping, tidiness and cleanliness. If you have poor curb appeal, you will not get the best possible price.

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