4 Ways Staging Can Help You Sell Your Home

Your home reflects your personal style, but the way you have it set up and decorated probably won’t appeal to every homebuyer. Staging can help. Through the strategic use of paint, furnishings, and decor, a professional stager can maximize the appeal of your house or condo. But for most sellers, the real question is whether it will lead to a successful sale. Put simply, is home staging worth it?

In a word, yes. Statistics show that staged homes sell quicker and for more money than unstaged homes. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t fully understand the home staging process and its benefits when selling a home. If you’re preparing to sell your home, here’s what you need to know…

1) It allows buyers to envision your home as theirs

One of the most common misconceptions about staging is that it’s all about making your home more stylish. While it’s true that talented stagers have an eye for sophisticated decor, they’re also aware that not everyone shares the same design preferences. It’s important to take this into consideration, since you want every buyer who walks into your house or condo to feel at home.

The key to staging successfully is creating a fashionable space that also functions as a backdrop. On the one hand, you want buyers to love your home immediately. On the other, you want them to imagine their own furnishings and decor inside. It’s a tricky balance to strike, but doing so can pay off big time.

2) It leads to better photos

Part of stirring a buyer’s imagination is giving them something to aspire to. That’s where photographs come in. Most home hunters look for condos and houses online, where appealing, high-quality images immediately catch their eye. Home staging sets the scene by creating an environment that buyers want to step into. It’s the reason why home-decorating magazines and Instagram feeds are so popular.

To ensure that your listing photos are as enticing as possible, ask your agent if they recommend or prefer to work with a particular home stager.

3) It helps you expand your buyer pool

Still asking yourself, is staging a home worth it? If so, consider this. When you stage with many potential home hunters in mind, you can appeal to a larger buyer pool. The key is to aim for design choices that will work for a wide range of purchasers. While it’s impossible to please everybody, keeping your paint, decor, and furnishings fairly neutral can go a long way toward achieving this goal. Opt for simple, elegant pieces along with warm-yet-subdued paint colours.

The bottom line? Don’t limit the potential market for your home. By appealing to as many different stylistic sensibilities as possible, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll wind up with your pick of buyers.

4) It lets you show off your home

Does your home boast attractive features such as high ceilings, an open-concept floor plan, and lots of natural light? If so, great home staging will call attention to them. While it’s true that the process can completely transform your house or condo, it should also emphasize its positive attributes.

Stagers know what buyers are looking for. They’re skilled at making small, stylistic tweaks that highlight the best parts of a home. It could be as simple as adding or removing some wall art, rearranging your furniture, or choosing the right set of drapes.

Is staging worth it?

The decision of whether or not to stage may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The process provides sellers with many benefits, and your real estate agent can help you understand all of them. Are you ready to learn how home staging can help you sell?

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