Comparing Condo vs Home Ownership: Which Is Best For You?

One of the biggest distinctions that you will have to make when buying a home is the type of dwelling to choose. Perhaps the biggest distinction is between condos and houses.

Your decision to choose one over the other will largely be based on where you are in life and a number of additional key factors:

  • Cost: In general, this is probably the biggest distinct between the two types of properties. While there are acceptations to the rule, free standing homes tend to be more expensive, but they also are better suited for families that need more space.
  • Space: The amount of physical space you want and need will pay a big factor in your decision. If you want something large and spacious, then a home makes more sense. But, if you are living solo or with one other person, then perhaps a condo is a better option – less upkeep and ideal for single people.
  • Location: Finding the perfect home in the perfect location is something that all buyers want to find. If you are into the city life and want to be in the downtown core, then a condo makes the most sense for you. If you like the suburbs and want to be in a quieter neighbourhood, then a home is ideal for your situation.
  • Living Conditions: Living in a condo and living in a home is very different. With condos, you will live in close proximity to your neighbours and will have a number of shared or common spaces that all people in the building can access. But, you do have the added benefit of the amenities that come with condo living, things that you will likely not have access to if you purchase a house. However, owning a house allows you to customize the space and make it your own without having to seek approval from the condo board.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a condo or a house. It really comes down to figuring out which option is the best fit for you!

Not sure which option is best for you? Want to explore your options and see a few properties in person?

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