Moving From Vancouver To Toronto

Are you thinking of Moving from Vancouver to Toronto? In this blog, we will talk about the differences between these two cities and what you should consider when choosing the right town to settle down in.

Whether you are currently residing in Vancouver and thinking of relocating to Toronto or just choosing between these two cities, this video may help with defining the right place to be. There are a lot of websites and many platforms where people share their own experiences about living in Toronto and Vancouver, so you can easily feel overwhelmed while trying to process all the information.

Here is everything you need

How is Vancouver’s Lifestyle Different than Toronto?

Let’s start with a lifestyle. Toronto and Vancouver are two big cities. So both of them will give you an urban feel with rush hours and crowded places. Toronto is a business and financial hub of Canada and a lot of people find it busier and more congested. In Vancouver, the lifestyle is more laid back and relaxed. Vancouver is a city of numerous outdoor activities. Because it is surrounded by mountains, lakes, forests, and parks, people enjoy jogging, cycling, and hiking all over the place.

The warmer weather allows these activities all year round. In winter, people go skating, skiing, and snowboarding. The most famous destination is Whistler. In summer, people are enjoying numerous beaches in the close by areas. In Toronto, though the picture is a bit different. We have here 1500 parks in the city and of course, people are spending time there. However, we don’t have immediate access to forests or mountains as it is in Vancouver.

So what Torontonians do, is they own or rent cottages within one to three hours’ drive from the city. Some people, like my family, have places in the south, for example, in Florida, and go there to escape harsh Toronto winters or just for a short break.

In general, Toronto is a busier city than Vancouver with a focus on careers or education. Maybe that’s why Torontonians are known to be polite and reserved, and people in Vancouver are friendly and laid back. Also, for a lot of people, the climate is a very important factor. Toronto is famous for its long and extremely cold winters with sometimes horrible chill winds. Summers could be very hot. In Vancouver, the climate is much softer and warmer. Often rain can be the only downside to this picture.

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What is the Cost of Living in Vancouver Compared to Toronto

Here I will look at

  1. Cost of buying and owning or renting a home.
  2. Cost of utilities, phone, internet, TV
  3. Transportation costs whether you own a car or use public transit.
  4. Groceries
  5. Your own minimum comfort level of earnings in both cities.

I am adding the link to this blog  COST OF LIVING IN TORONTO, which I created earlier to give a wider understanding of Toronto’s affordability.

We shall start with the cost of housing and compare Toronto and Vancouver based on the numbers from December 2022.

The average  SELLING PRICE of a detached home in Toronto is $1,627,635

In Vancouver – $1,823,300

The average selling price of a condo in Toronto is $741,584

In Vancouver, it is $713,700

And you can rent a 2bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood in Toronto starting at $3,000

While in Vancouver the price will be around $3,200

Now, the cost of utilities, phone, internet, and TV are on average the same in both cities.

Transportation. A monthly pass in Toronto will cost you $156 while in Vancouver it is $120. Car insurance in Vancouver is 15% lower than in Toronto.

Groceries on average are the same cost in both cities.

A sales tax in Toronto stores is 13% whereas in Vancouver it is 12%. The minimum wage in Vancouver is $15.65 and in Toronto is $15.50. To afford to live comfortably in Vancouver the same as in Toronto you must make approximately $8000 per month. As you can see, the expenses in both cities are very much similar.

However, there is one more important thing to consider if you are moving from Vancouver to Toronto – It is your own list of expenses and what is in it. I mean, you certainly will not feel much of a difference in your expenses if you move to a similar home in a similar neighborhood. But what if you’d like to upgrade your primary residence and the area while relocating?

If you want to learn more about premium neighborhoods in Toronto and to see if you like the lifestyle there, please get in touch with me and we will sit down together and discuss your thoughts and ideas. I will guide you through the prices for homes, the best private and public schools, amenities, cons, and pros, and much more about the neighborhoods of your interest. Besides, I always point out to my relocating clients that even though any change requires some sacrifice, relocation mustn’t downgrade the comfort and lifestyle you got used to.

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Education and Employment Opportunities in Vancouver Vs. Toronto

When you compare schools in Toronto and Vancouver, take a look at the data provided by Fraser’s Institute. I compared the number of elementary and secondary schools with a score of 8 or higher in both cities. This number included public, catholic, and private schools available on Fraser’s institute website.

In Toronto, there are 65 highly-ranked schools while in Vancouver there are 37 of them. Let me remind you that the population in Toronto is almost 2,9 million residents and the population in Vancouver is only around 700,000 people. So both cities offer exceptional schooling opportunities for children. Now, if you need advice on private or public schools and where to settle down in Toronto to be able to send your kids to highly-ranked schools, don’t hesitate to reach out. I will be happy to help.

If you decide to choose Toronto for your child’s university program, consider the University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University, Ontario College of Art & Design University, and others depending on a specific program. Regarding the job opportunities… In Vancouver, people have jobs as software engineers, accountants, marketers, advertisers, and in a wide range of other occupations. For persons of various skill levels, there are several outdoor career opportunities outside of the city. 

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Toronto has a strong presence of banks and financial institutions and, of course, IT. Toronto has a healthy banking sector and Toronto’s primary industries are heavily influenced by finance. Many people would argue if you or your kids are career-focused then you definitely have to choose Toronto. Toronto is a bigger city with more professionals of different levels and, of course, more positions to strive for.

There are a few more things to mention in this discussion.  For example, safety. Both cities are very safe. Vancouver has a bit lower crime rate. The main key is to choose the right neighborhood. In both cities, there are safe areas and areas to avoid. Get in touch with me or my colleague from Vancouver Glenn Feldstein to discuss this matter.  Another thing to mention about Toronto and Vancouver is sports. While Vancouver is in general a place for outdoor activities, Toronto is a home for a huge crowd of hockey admirers and to the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, who play at Scotiabank Arena.

Living in Toronto Vs. Vancouver: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Toronto and Vancouver are two great cities to live in. similar financially but different in their lifestyles.

Move to Toronto if:

  • you’re looking for a big city with a lot to do
  • you want to be in a place with a lot of cultural diversity
  • you’re interested in a career in the arts, media, IT, or finances
  • you like the intensity and high pace of a busy city

Stay in Vancouver if:

  • you love the outdoors and being active
  • you want to live in a smaller, world-class city
  • you’d like a bit relaxed lifestyle
  • you want to be close to nature

Whether you are a young professional or you have a growing family and looking to relocate to Toronto, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to find out what neighborhoods might be your perfect match. You can reach me by phone at (647) 294-3039 or email

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