Multiple Offer Situation. How To Make Your Offer Stand Out?

My clients liked the home that will potentially sell in the multiple offer situation.

If you’re among the many people looking for a home to buy this summer, it’s important to ensure you have the right guidance and your offer stands out from the crowd when it really counts.

Here are some points of my professional insight for The Buyers who decided to take their chances in a bidding war.

1. Get Pre-Approved, Not Pre-Qualified! There is a major difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification!

2. Have Fewer Or Better No Conditions In Your Offer

3. Find Out What’s Important to the Seller

4. Make a Large Deposit. Even though 5% is very common for a deposit, bigger amount will show the sellers your serious intentions

5. Introduce yourself to the sellers, explain why you loved their home and why it is important for you to win their house.


However, if you still want to compete, please contact me for a full list of the documents and additional letters, that will make your offer stand out from the crowd of other offers.

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