What Does a Realtor Do to Sell a House?

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Why use a Realtor to sell your home? After all, there are sellers who list their houses and condos on their own. Having said that, real estate agents bring knowledge and expertise to the home selling process. As a result, we’re often able to help sellers make quicker, more profitable sales so you get the most money for your home.

If you’re thinking of going it alone, you should make sure you understand the role that real estate agents play when selling—and decide whether you can fill it on your own.

Here’s are the top benefits of using a Realtor to sell your home

1) Creating an effective real estate pricing strategy

Pricing your home too high one of the biggest mistakes when selling a home—one that could leave your property sitting on the market without receiving any offers. On the other hand, if you price too low, the offers you get probably won’t reflect the value of your property.

So, how do you set a price that will pique the interest of buyers without encouraging lowball offers? Using knowledge of the local market and buyer psychology, an agent can help you build an effective pricing strategy to ensure you get the best price possible for your home.

2) Marketing your home to the right buyers

If you want to reach the right people, you need a carefully-targeted real estate marketing plan. First off, identify your most likely buyers. Are they families? Young professionals? Once you know, you can stage and market your home accordingly. While it’s important to stage with your target market in mind, you should also focus on maximizing general appeal (think neutral colours and simple-yet-elegant furnishings).

Next up, you need to create attention-grabbing market materials. There are so many ways to appeal to home hunters—from social media postings to open-house brochures. Just be sure to include high-quality photographs and text that highlights your home’s best points.

Does this all sound like a lot of work? That’s because it is. Fortunately, a good real estate agent will take the time to appeal to the right homebuyers.

3) Finding the right professionals

Home stagers, professional cleaning services, legal counsel—when preparing to sell your home, you may have to enlist the aid of numerous professionals. Does your HVAC system need servicing? Now’s the time to find someone who can fix it. Is your home poorly lit? You may want to consider looking for a lighting designer. It all depends on your needs and the condition of your home.

Of course, there’s no shortage of professionals competing for your business. Experienced real estate agents have the local knowledge to refer you to those who are trustworthy and reliable.

4) Helping you screen potential home buyers

In Toronto’s hot housing market, there’s a good chance your home will generate a lot of interest. But how do you know which buyers are serious?

The truth is, it’s not uncommon for home hunters to express excitement about homes they can’t (or won’t) close on. Real estate agents know the signs that indicate a buyer might not make it to the finish line. We also know which financial questions to ask—like whether a buyer has been pre-approved for a mortgage.

5) Negotiating on your behalf

Why use a Realtor to sell your home? If you’re still unsure, ask yourself whether you’re confident in your negotiation skills.

Getting a homebuyer (and their agent) to consider your point of view is no simple task. It requires a strong knowledge of the local market and an understanding of buyer psychology. You also need to know when to compromise, and when to assert yourself. Fortunately, good real estate agents are experts in the art of negotiation.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a real estate agent (or not) is yours to make. If you choose to sell on your own, be sure that you have a thorough understanding of every step of the selling process.

Preparing to sell your home? No matter the season, I can help. I have the experience and local market knowledge to help you find the right buyer. Contact me today, and we can discuss your needs.

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