To Stage or Not to Stage? Understand the Value of Staging Your Home Before Selling

To stage or not to stage? This is a question that many sellers battle with when putting their home up for sale.

Is it worth the time and investment? Will staging give you the ROI you expect? These are all questions that are worth considering.


It is estimated that staged homes sell more than 2 times faster and for more money than homes that are not staged prior to being listed – Not something that you should overlook!

Be Realistic About Selling and Staging

Every homeowner has aspirations of listing their home; having a bidding war over their property and having it sell for above list price. But, this doesn’t happen with every home and the homes that are commonly fought over by potential buyers have a number of things in common – they are in great locations, they are priced well, and they are staged to perfection!

If You Are Going To Stage – Do It The Right Way!

While some believe that staging is not an effective investment or use of time, the truth is that when staged the right way, homes will sell quicker and for more money, making staging an investment that all sellers need to consider when listing their home.

You have three options for staging:

Hire a professional: Professional staging looks great and will help you sell your home
Take a DIY approach: DIY staging often leads to poorly staged homes will hurt your ability to sell
Choose not to stage: You can also choose not to stage at all

If you are not sold on staging and are not willing to invest in it, that is okay too – But, be realistic about the number of interested buyers that you can expect to come for a viewing of your home.

Benefits Of Staging Before Selling

First impressions matter in real estate – staging will create the best first impression possible. You will get more money for your home.

Your property will sell quicker

Staging will make your home look bigger and make it more appealing to buyers
If you are going to stage, do it the right way and invest in a professional to assist you. Don’t dress up your home with dollar store items and lame attempts to hide faults in your home. Potential buyers will see right through it and your ability to sell and sell for the price you want will be impacted.

If you would like to discuss staging your home, contact Olena for more information.

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