When it comes to buying a home in Toronto, I want to do more than just find you a home you love. I believe in using my experience and expertise to educate buyers so they are completely confident and comfortable with their purchase. After all, buying a home will most likely be one of the largest purchases you will ever make, so you should know exactly what you are paying for.

My industry expertise and personal real estate experience allow me to to help my client with buying a home they will love while enjoying every step of the home buying process. Thanks to my incredible client success, the name, Olena Feoktistova has become a recognized brand in the Toronto real estate market.


My Experience

With my years of experience in the industry, my clients know that I will always find them a home that not only fits their budget but also fits all of their criteria. Living and working in Toronto has provided me with a firsthand insight into the communities, making it even easier for my clients with all aspects of buying a home in Toronto.


My Educational Guidance

I take the time to educate every buyer on the current market and what it means for them. We can discuss the best time to buy, what the home they want is really worth, and what similar properties are selling for. My insight into the market has provided me with a thorough understanding of property value; with this knowledge, I can successfully negotiate the best possible price when buying your dream home in Toronto.


My Proactive Approach

First and foremost, I listen to and truly hear everything my client tells me. Once they explain their needs and criteria to me, I’ll find the property that matches it. When it comes to buying a home in Toronto I never wait around to see if the right home comes on the market, I will call other agents and industry connections to find your next home before it even goes on the MLS. You will have the opportunity to see a property as soon as it is listed with no waiting or missed opportunities.


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