Yorkville Real Estate

Located in the core of Downtown Toronto is the high class neighbourhood of Yorkville Real Estate. With a nice mix of picturesque Victorian homes, visually stunning luxury condominiums, office towers, hotels, theatres and a high fashion shopping centre, it is a populated neighbourhood that showcases the best of what the luxurious side of the city of Toronto has to offer.

This area exudes a high end and glamourous lifestyle with its gourmet restaurants and luxurious shopping centre.

Easy Transportation

This neighbourhood is considered to be centred on Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street and expands from that point. It is within convenient walking distance of the Bloor/Yonge subway station on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line and the Bay station on the Bloor-Danforth subway line. There are a multitude of subway stations all within walking distance, making travelling within the city easy.

It is easy to get anywhere around the city when you live in the middle of it. You can also take the car (even though it has been debated that walking and public transportation will get you to your destination faster). Those who prefer to drive should know that the Don Valley Parkway is located conveniently close at a mere five minutes from Yorkville.

Luxury Shopping

For those who want to indulge in some shopping, you’re in luck. They can walk over to the newly refurbished Bay-Yorkville shopping district to shop some of the designer brands. The Yorkville shopping district is one of the renowned and critically acclaimed shopping areas in Toronto, making it a popular destination for its residences and tourists alike.

Yorkville holds a variety of fashion boutiques, specialty stores, jewelry stores, art galleries and antique shops. Most of these shops are located on Yorkville Avenue, Hazelton Avenue, Cumberland Street and Scollard Street. The shopping centre on Hazelton Avenue is home to a mix of over 100 exlusive shops and restaurants to peruse. Also, all these shopping areas host a variety of boutique coffee shops and restaurants serving only the finest cuisine.

Entertainment and Recreation

There are a variety of activities to do in this popular area. Yorkville is known for its sleek design and landscapes that were decorated based off of the history of Yorkville. For those who want to seek a moment of relaxation should head over to The Village of Yorkville Park – with the famed rock from the Canadian Shield in the centre of the park.

For those who want something more active, there is a large city park located on the north end of Yorkville called Ramsden Park (it has four tennis courts, an artificial ice rink, a children’s playground and a wading pool).

For those who want more intellectual stimulation, the Yorkville Public Library is nearby at 22 Yorkville Avenue. It is an intimately styled library with a large collection of books and programs for both youth and adults. There is also the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library on Yonge Street, it is Canada’s largest and most extensive reference library.

There are quite a few art galleries that are within walking distance of the Yorkville real estate neighbourhood, some of them are:

  • The George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
  • The Royal Ontario Museum
  • The McLaughlin Planetarium

In addition to that, you can catch the next latest film at the Manulife Centre nearby with its 12 high-tech movie theaters.

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